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At wizeoni we believe that a customer-centric approach to personal digital data makes so much sense for individuals and organisations that serve those individuals. We provide a platform that enables organisations to seamlessly, collect, store and manage personal data in a privacy-preserving, transparent, accessible data locker. Wizeoni enables organisations to meet their compliance obligations in a hassle free, customer-friendly manner. Individuals can access data and manage permissions through granular user-based-access control.

User Cloudlets

Person-specific cloudlets with customizable and granular User Based Access Control.

Authorised Data Collection

Cloud platform that empowers and protects your services with fresh and fully permissioned information.

Safe & Secure

JWT and 2048 bit TLS secured REST Endpoints; Encrypted data storage.

Wizeoni Dashboard

Wizeoni dashboard with access to anonymised data analytics and query functions.

Node.js and ØMQ Platform

Modern, Scalable, Event-Driven Software Platform with multiple client SDKs.

Leading Technology

Efficient, cutting edge data collection and aggregation technologies.

Save in the cloud

A single locker in the cloud aggregating your digital transactions and events.

Power in your hands

Full control over who sees your data and how it is used.

Peace of mind

Privacy preserving & secure.

The Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) is an internationally recognized centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation. At the TSSG, we carry out a wide range of industry-informed research in Information Communications Technologies (ICT), particularly technologies enabling communications and information services.
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Eric Robson
Eric Robson
Chief Executive Officer
Stepan Ivanovr
Dr. Stepan Ivanov
Data Scientist
Christine O'Meara
Christine O'Meara
Sales & Marketing Manager
Neil Flynn
Neil Flynn
Software Engineer
Dónal McCarthy
Dónal McCarthy
Technical Lead
About Eric
Technical, Results Driven CEO.
Eric is focused on privacy preserving data analytics and strategic management to set the commercial and technical direction for Wizeoni.com. Technical by training and battle hardened from his career in the software trenches, Eric has also founded a leading data analytics research unit within the Telecommunications System and Software Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology.
About Stepan
Passion, curiosity and hunger for knowledge have helped Stepan navigate through advanced R&D in Data Analysis Platforms.
Originally starting in Wireless Networking and Mathematical Modelling, Stepan's interests have moved towards people and their technological needs. Ownership of personal data, putting people back in control of their digital selves are his motovators.
About Christine
A sales, operations & marketing veteran, Christine wears many hats, with product ownership, account management, sales enquiries and marketing tasks among her responsibilities.
After several years earning her stripes at American Airlines in their Dublin and London offices where Christine had strategic and operational responsibility for European online sales, she moved to Waterford and gained a reputation for providing business support to high tech innovative start ups with Wizeoni being the latest.
About Neil
Neil is a senior member of the Wizeoni development team and a graduate from Waterford Institute of Technology with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing.
Neil is currently putting his development skills to good use helping Wizeoni put control of personal data back where it belongs.
About Dónal
Dónal has a deep knowledge of data technologies, is a senior software engineer and big data architect.
Dónal is a seasoned designer and engineer of innovative data management platforms with a deep knowledge of data technologies and big data architectures. A promoter of coding standards and a stickler for proper software development processes, Dónal ensures that the Wizeoni platform is well built using the best selection of technologies.

We are currently short listing commercial partners for an early product trial. If you would like to talk about Wizeoni, please contact either:

52.253555 -7.187632


Arclabs Research & Innovation Building, WIT, West Campus, Carriganore, Co Waterford, Ireland.